We are parents

We are parents and we want the best for our child. We want that our child is the best in whatever he does. Our children have endless possibilities and it is the responsibility of the parent to harness these and help the child to achieve bigger milestones in life.

As parents, it is important to not just focus on the child’s academic development but to expose the child to different experiences. If the child is allowed to take part in different activities then this will help him to explore where his interest lies. It will also help him to discover new talent and hone his skills. Check this site out on how to give your child a varied exposure and prepare him for the future years ahead.

If you have school going children then you can try out some of the activities that are mentioned below.


Sports should be a part of every child’s life. Sports in beneficial in many ways. It helps in the development of the child’s gross motor skills and it is also beneficial for his brain development. Sports teach children social skills and instil the values of teamwork and cooperation.

Children who are around 6 years of age can actively start to participate in sports. This could be individual sports like swimming or gymnastics. Table tennis, skating, archery, and yoga are other forms of sports that the child can be exposed to.

When the child reaches around 9 years of age then this increases their social awareness and development. This is where they can be exposed to playing team sports like volleyball, basketball, football, etc.


Academic development should not just be limited to what is being taught in school. Parents should make sure that the child is exposed to some special academic classes. This is especially if you see that your child is gifted in some area. Reading, advance maths, writing are some great courses to expose your child to.

Music And Arts

Learning a musical instrument is an activity that stimulates the left as well as the right hemisphere of the brain at the same time. Let your child play musical instruments like violin, guitar or piano which will help in brain development.

There are other activities too that helps to boost your child’s self-esteem and instills confidence,

These are activities like drams, singing dance, theater etc.

Public Speaking

Your child can learn public speaking at a young age itself. Your school going child can also pick up a language to learn. It is important that you understand what your child is inclined to. You can then introduce the subject to your child at a young age.