Use the following tips to support and protect the morale of your gifted child:

  1. Never allow your friends, relatives or his teachers to brand the child as super intelligent.  Such branding might lead to two consequences.  The child will face bullying or rejection by peers in the school.  This will psychologically depress the child. Secondly, branding will make the child over-confident.  At times the child may not be able to face failures in real life.
  2. Make the child identify and appreciate the strength of others.  This will widen the mindset of the child.  The child will not assume that intelligence is everything in life.  On the contrary, there are various skills like cookery, art, music, etc. which the opponent will possess.  This will help the child to guard its self-respect as well as respect others.  This quality will minimize the conflicts in inter-personal relationships in the child’s life.  Learn more here on this aspect.
  3. Extremely gifted children aim at perfectionism.  In a way this is beneficial.  However, if the child starts ignoring health aspects while aiming at perfectionism (or) starts developing a fear of trying things due to the possibility of failure, this has to be immediately checked.  Make the child realize that do commit a mistake is fine.
  4. Gifted children have their own world of thoughts.  This can hence lead to mood swings, over empathy or feeling something lacking even when they perform well.  This emotional intensity has to be managed properly.  Never ignore the emotions expressed by them or never try to make fun of the emotional expression.
  5. Ensure that the children are well connected to the social world.  Make sure that the child has few hobbies and related friend circle.  Occasionally check whether the child does not feel isolated by its peers.  Make sure that as a parent you take a step to facilitate the child to mingle with its peers.
  6. Higher levels of IQ can lead to depression.  Hence when you start noticing any symptoms like changes in sleep and diet pattern, the child staying alone and brooding, etc. try to bring the child out of it immediately.
  7. Connect to parents of gifted children and learn the techniques they use to handle their children.  There are a lot of support groups and organizations which help for this cause.  Networking with them can let you know lots of tips to bring up your gifted child in a very good manner that too easily.