The fellowship season

The fellowship season is here and will mark its beginning with the start of the second half of this year. Before that let us collect the prospective students who have the vision and talent to create big in the field of science, mathematics and commerce.

What does it have?

The fellowship program is for high school students who have three years to get into their field of choice. The selected participants will get monthly monetary assistance to get training, skill development and advanced knowledge in their area of choice. They will also get financial assistance to attend workshops, seminars, conferences and talent meets in selected regions across the globe. The fellowship is held in tie-up with the major universities that provide higher education in respective subjects.

Making outstanding accomplishments in each area will fetch separate points. If a student excels in multiple areas, for example, in academics and sports, he or she will get added points from both the accomplishments. If two or more students are good in the same field, they will be analysed based on who scored better or won the maximum number of times within an academic year. The students will be constantly evaluated otherwise as a part of their regular assessment. Even the student with more attendance percentage will score extra points for the same. This is important if you look at here now the proportion of students who are the most regular to the institution. The highest individual scores will be for proficiency awards. If the certifying or awarding body is external and covers other institutes also, the applicant stands a much better chance of winning when compared to internal competitions.

What are the selection criteria?

This can be summed up as finding simply the best person with the most potential to create really big. It does not matter if you have just passed in your science stream, but becomes the biggest winner in your commerce subject, you are eligible to apply for the fellowship in commerce. The first score goes to the highest marks in respective subjects for which you are going to apply. The next comes how well you have applied the subject. Any working models or practical theoretical models applying any concept in the area must accompany the application. For example, if physics is the area of interest, a model that shows an improvement in the existing system can be proposed. An application of a theoretical concept that prompts the viewers to click to investigate further in the arena of computers is another example. The third criterion is a recommendation letter from your current institute of study or any known academic person who recognizes the talent in you.

It does not just give you the opportunity to race ahead, but also help you to be personally guided by imminent personalities in the subjects who will inspire you towards the path of actual success.

How to apply?

Send in your application in the prescribed proforma, with three photos and a self-attested declaration with the seal from the sending medium. You can either upload all the documents through a personal profile created in the link in our website or send them through registered post to our administration office. No email applications are accepted, but we are always available to clear your email queries. Check out the last date of applying for this year and show your talent to grow.