TAG believes

TAG believes that the Tennessee Gifted Student of the Year Award inspires children to achieve to their fullest potential, highlights high-ability-students, and draws attention to the educational needs of gifted and talented learners.

The distinguished Student winner receives a monetary reward and a Certificate of Excellence from TAG.

Recognizing and encouraging gifted children is very important in the following aspects:

  1. They feel motivated to put more hard work in their field of interest.  This encouragement and support help in accelerating their skills and expands their world of understanding.
  2. The parents who are not sure how to hone the skills of these gifted children need a support system.  Training and recognition can help in providing that extra assurance and help the parents need.  See post to know how the parents feel.
  3. Since the gifted children are exceptional criticizing or ignoring their talents impacts their skills.  By ignoring them the world loses its potential which can create numerous miracles.  Whereas by rewarding them the potential can be strengthened.  That is why these awards.  Let us explain the selection criteria.

• One Distinguished Student Award recipient at the elementary level and middle/high school level will be selected.  
• Applicants may demonstrate excellence and outstanding accomplishment in one or more of the following areas: visual or performing arts, academic achievement, creativity, or leadership.