TAG Summer Scholarships

TAG Summer Scholarships for 2018
Application materials must be postmarked by March 31, 2018

TAG is pleased to offer scholarships to Tennessee’s gifted students for educational programs that provide enrichment, acceleration, or independent study. TAG will not award scholarships for the full amount of the program. The TAG scholarship provides up to 85% of the total program fee with a maximum award of $200.00 per scholarship recipient.* 

We are asking parents and teachers to recommend deserving students to the selection panel. All application materials must be submitted by March 31, 2018. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
In today’s world, there are many frauds and cheats happening every now and then without considering the place and purpose. There are many ways by which this scholarship are attempted to be wrongly used and cheated. So, it is very necessary use them in a more protective way without any loss to the organisation. So, under the guidance of the teacher or the parents; one has to fill the needed documents, attach the essential papers and send them as required without any flaws. Go to my blog to see the filled in template for sample. It is very essential to send the details before the deadline given without fail.
Please scan and email a PDF file of this application to TAG VP East: lindsey.glass@tag-tenn.org.  Please retain the order listed below in one file.  Teacher recommendations may be emailed separately as a scanned PDF only.

Only 6 sheets of paper should be included in your submission, ordered as follows:
Page 1 – TAG Student Scholarship Application
Page 2 – Student Essay
Page 3 – Letter of Recommendation (A sealed envelope/separate email may be used.)
Page 4 – Letter of Recommendation (Teacher)
Page 5 – Teacher Recommendation Form (Completed by 1 Recommending Teacher)
   (If a sealed envelope/separate email is used by current teacher, please combine Pages 4 and 5)
Page 6 – Brochure or website printout of Program student would like to attend

We understand that some essays or recommendations may exceed one page.  If this is the case, please keep the order listed above.  Please include only these forms in your application packet.  Application packet may be scanned and emailed to TAG VP East, Lindsey Glass (lindsey.glass@tag-tenn.org).  Questions may be emailed to TAG VP East: lindsey.glass@tag-tenn.org.

*Scholarship issued as a reimbursement for awarded amount after all requirements (verification of attendance and letter describing experience) are submitted to TAG treasurer.*