Summer Scholarship

TAG is pleased to offer scholarships to Tennessee’s gifted students for educational programs that provide enrichment, acceleration, or independent study. TAG will not award scholarships for the full amount of the program. The TAG scholarship provides up to 85% of the total program fee with a maximum award of $500.00 per scholarship recipient.

We are asking parents and teachers to recommend deserving students to the selection panel. All application materials must be postmarked by March 15, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

In simple terms, scholarship is an award. It is a financial aid for a student who is in school or college to pursue their education further. This is the amount that need not be repaid or given back. They are awarded by some one based on various criteria. It may be purely dependent on the purpose of scholarship, values and the like. The scholarships are awarded based on several classifications like:

  • Merit based: This scholarships are based on the records attained by the students in their education of sports and various other abilities. Rather than the students being involved, in this case the scholarships are given to the institutions.
  • Need based: In some cases, the students who are not financially sound require scholarships to continue their studies in school or college. These are being provided by some big groups or organisations.
  • Brand based: Some branded companies provide scholarships to make their brand to be noted and familiar amidst people. It is a way of attracting the public towards their products. Here is the best site that deals with the top brands that provides scholarships.
  • Athletic based: There are some scholarships that are given to the students who shine in the field of athletics. By this way, the talented students from the schools and colleges are given opportunity to shine in their academics side too. In this way, the talent in the field of athletics is also grown up.

Applicants must submit the following information:
___ TAG Student Scholarship Application; ___ Student Essay; ___ Program Brochure; ___ Two Letters of Recommendation (one of the letters must be written by your teacher); ___ Teacher Recommendation Form.

All application materials must be postmarked by March 15, 2011 and mailed to:

Emily Mofield
Tennessee Association for the Gifted
205 Williamsburg Drive
White House, TN 37188

The TAG Student Scholarship Application and Teacher Recommendation Form are available as a two-page document download: PDF Format

Questions may be e-mailed to Emily Mofield: