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Tennessee State Plan for the Education of Intellectually Gifted Children [PDF]
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A Nation Deceived – an influential research report on acceleration in the classroom
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SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

Use this link that will guide you on how to recognise a gifted child. Giftedness stays with the child even when he grows up. Every child who is gifted is unique. There are no two things that will be common among two gifted children. However, there are some behaviours and traits that are mostly common among the gifted children.

Gifted children are very curious and they will keep asking you questions. They are keen to know about the world around them and they will ask you detailed questions that help to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. The topics that the gifted kids discuss about may be totally out of their study topics.

In school, the child may not just be happy with the learning that is required to excel in exams or in order to do an assignment. It is important that such children be answered to. If you discourage these questions then this will demotivate and shut them down which will in turn stop any further attempts to communicate.

You will mostly see that children who are gifted take their own approach when they do assignments. The bright students will look to finish the assignment and please their teacher. The gifted students will however have their own way of doing things.

           SENG in Tennessee – The Tennessee Liaison for SENG is Kristy Mall. Kristy Mall ( is a veteran teacher of gifted and high achievers. She is a former Tennessee Teacher of the Year Finalist, the Tennessee Horizon Award Winner for outstanding new teachers of gifted students, and Tennessee Outstanding Young Educator. She is an active member of NAGC and serves on several committees for them, and is a member of the TAG Board as well. She has presented about gifted education at the state and national levels. In addition, she is the parent of a gifted daughter and a twice-exceptional son that is gifted and autistic. She is currently working on her doctorate and focusing on gifted relationships as her dissertation topic and works in a school for gifted and high achieving students.  She will happily assist you with any questions that you may have about gifted education and the needs of the gifted