How to identify a super-smart gifted child? Read on to know:

  1. A gifted child will be unusually alert even as an infant.  This is easily noticeable even during early infancy. 
  2. A gifted child will be a very fast learner.  They would easily understand the concepts of higher grades.  They can easily understand numerous concepts and their observation skills are superior.
  3. Such kids have excellent memory capacity.
  4. For their age, they would easily construct complex sentences.  They can learn languages easily and their vocabulary skills are awesome.
  5. Complex concepts like metaphor, abstract ideas, etc. come naturally to them.
  6. Their love of math would be more.  They have a natural attraction towards solving puzzles, riddles, and problems.  They would love to play with numbers.  Math is an important source through which these kids develop their skills.
  7. Even before the start of preschooling, these kids would try to read and write out of self-interest.
  8. These children react deeply and intensely towards situations.  These kids are sensitive and hence have to handled with patience and more care.
  9. These kids are pro-active and the way they think is very logical.  They analyze any problem with insightful thinking and take decisions considering the future impact.  Children of their age might not have such skills.  Hence it is easy to identify these kids.
  10. The kids express concern about political and social issues.  They even think of a solution to these issues.
  11. Normally kids do not concentrate for long hours and are playful.  However, gifted children can concentrate for long hours.
  12. They have their own world and are pre-occupied with the thoughts of their own world.  Daydreaming is one of the common aspects found in these kids.
  13. These children have an interest in a wide range of subjects and they ask probing deep questions.  Like normal children, these children won’t be satisfied with ordinary replies for their queries.  They try to find the exact answer and research extensively until they get an answer to their satisfaction.
  14. These children are very interested in experiments and trying things practically. 
  15. They have a different way of humorously expressing things.  They remember and relate things to present jocular facts.

When you observe most of the above points in your kid, get appropriate counseling and support to hone the child’s kids in the right way.  These children can present excellent arguments in a spontaneous manner.  Hence a career in law can be very promising and rewarding for their future life.