TAG Curriculum Award

The TAG board has developed a curriculum contest for our members. One outstanding TAG Curriculum Award recipient will receive a TAG conference reimbursement and recognition at the Awards Luncheon on October 25, 2017. In addition, all submissions that meet criteria will be published on the TAG Members’ Only website! 

Talking about curriculum, it is important that if you wish to home school your child you follow a curriculum too. The question now arises is how do you decide whether it is the best home school curriculum? Look here for the answer.

Choosing the best curriculum for home-schooling is important for parents who are new into this field. It is also beneficial for those who want to improve their home-schooling methods. But to choose the best home-school curriculum you should make sure that you choose what is best fit for your family. You need to keep your child, your situation and yourself in mind before you decide on the best method.

Address the three issues listed above if you want to choose a home-school curriculum. This will make sure that the curriculum that you choose to follow to home-school your child fits into your personal needs.

Your child has to be kept in mind when you are choosing a home-schooling curriculum. Children are in different ages, level of development and stages in their lives. They also have different activity levels and preferences. The curriculum should be such that it matches you child’s personality and interests.

TAG is looking for units of study that are rigorous and appropriate for intellectually gifted students.  Keep in mind that all units which meet the criteria will be published on the TAG Members’ Only website, therefore, all documents must be emailed in a format that is easily adaptable for upload. PDF files are preferred. 

** Use the following documents as a guide for submitting your unit: 

Submission Deadline
All submissions must be emailed to Kathleen.herbert@tag-tenn.org by September 15, 2018. Please include all documents in one email. 

Documents Required
●      Complete copies of your unit and all support materials  
●      CompletedAward Nomination Form scanned and included in email 
●      Completed Copyright Verification Form if appropriate

Submission Limitations
●      Any individual may submit or sponsor only two (2) units total per year.
●      You must be a member of TAG to participate

Lead authors of winning curriculum units will be notified in writing no later than September 30, 2018 to ensure winners can make arrangements to attend the TAG Annual Convention to receive their award. 

Please contact Kathleen Herbert  (Kathleen.herbert@tag-tenn.org) with any questions.