TAG Conference Awards


Nominations will be accepted through September 15th for all awards.
Honorees will be announced at the TAG Annual Conference in Memphis, October 25-26.

In many ways, one can contribute to the education of gifted children.  To mention a few, you can contribute financially to organizations that work for developing gifted children.  When you had been exceptional during your childhood you must have struggled out numerous odds.  Hence you can provide counseling or involve yourself in making creative content towards educating the gifted children.  Guiding the parents is also vital so that they find the right path for their gifted children.  The next generation of gifted children will be happier and more motivated when you contribute all these.  Such contributions are very helpful and have to be recognized and rewarded.  That is why we bring the TAG awards to recognize and encourage contributions in the field of educating gifted children.     

TAG Awards:

  • TAG Teacher of the Year Award
  • TAG Horizon Award: This award is presented to an exemplary new teacher of the gifted with fewer than five years experience in gifted education.
  • Special Recognition Award: This award is presented to an individual for their significant contribution to gifted education in Tennessee as a parent, legislator, administrator, or other gifted advocate.
  • Jo Patterson Distinguished Service Award: This award is presented to an outstanding individual in the state of Tennessee who has made a significant contribution to the field of gifted education over an extended period of time (at least five years or more).
  • Curriculum Award:  Teachers submit curriculum units and the TAG Board chooses winners. 
  • Tennessee Gifted Student of the Year:  This award program is designed to recognize students’ distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts, in gifted children of any grade or age level. 

2016 TAG Award Winners:

  • Lindsey Glass ~ Jo Patterson Distinguished Service Award
  • Alysha Bird and Lauren Lindsey ~ TAG Horizon Award
  • Isaiah Brown Henry and Salsabila Nurhidajat ~ Tennessee Gifted Student of the Year
  • Kelly Davis ~ TAG Teacher of the Year Award

​2015 TAG Award Winners:

  • Marianna Vescovo ~ TAG Horizon Award
  • Blair Trotz ~ TAG Teacher of the Year Award
  • Dr. Emily Mofield ~ Curriculum Award
  • Dr. Patricia Toarmina ~ Special Recognition Award
  • Dr. Tommie Yelvington ~ Jo Patterson Distinguished Service Award

2014 TAG Award Winners:  

  • Kristy Mall- Teacher of the Year
  • Jennifer Holt- Curriculum Award
  • Leah Meulemans- Special Recognition Award
  • Beth O’Shea- Jo Patterson Award