Tennessee Association for the Gifted

The mission of the Tennessee Association for the Gifted is to advocate for and promote gifted education by creating a network of parents, educators, and concerned citizens to ensure the educational, social, and emotional needs of Tennessee’s gifted student are met.

Due to various reasons your child who has superior talents able to learn at a normal pace.  In such a case, it becomes difficult to mix them up with the mainstream category of students.  Do not worry as separating them is positively towards paying more care towards them.  From the child’s point of view, most gifted students prefer a separate network of education.  This helps them to express their talents more freely without the fear of being criticized.  Gifted children are very special, and their skills have to be honed properly to make them shine more. Special training can help in rightly developing their skills and they would have a smooth and accelerated path towards the future.  For example, most gifted children find the normal pace in which math is taught in school as too simple for them.  They gradually get bored and disinterested as normal schooling does not throw them sufficient challenges and keep them engaged.  Whereas special training provides all these and more.  It is as advantageous as Qprofit system as a quite rewarding experience for the child too.  When educated in the normal stream, gifted children do not get all the extra opportunities and training.  Who knows, the normal stream can at times impact their skills and bring them down to the normal level.  Whereas special training can help bring their skills out in the best way.  This will help them specialize in their areas of interest.  Thus, they can emerge as scientists or creators of landmark inventions which can change the whole world.  When we examine the history, we can find gifted children always struggle to reach their goals.  Today we realize the importance of them as we benefit from their inventions in our everyday life.  As a parent, we know that you do not want your child to undergo struggles.  That is the very purpose of our training.    

*Offer training opportunities for parents and educators of gifted students.
*Establish a network to share information about current gifted education topics.
*Support the education of gifted students through the funding of mini-grants for teachers of the gifted.
*Provide scholarship assistance to students wishing to participate in summer programs.
*Recognize outstanding gifted students, teachers and advocates annually.